The Can Family and their Magic cat

That’s what the married couple Martin and Stine said to themselves after they didn’t get accepted to the art academy in Copenhagen.
-It was really hard to get rejected. So we fought, fuck no! We’ll make it on our own.
Turns out that they actually did. In a little shop slash gallery in tulllins gade, vesterbro, nearby the worlds smallest café lies Can, A family affair. The colorful room has it all, a creative mom and dad, two children and the dangerous magic cat with fangs. Even a hairdresser, a little lady with short brown hair and a pink dress.

Martin describes their art as something that isn’t super pretensious and really down to earth.

-Not only is this a gallery, you can buy used childrens clothes, records, a book or you can pay a visit to our hairdresser. That’s really cool. You don’t need to go to an artacademy, you can empower youself.
With pink walls and polystyrene heads with barbie hair hanging by the windows I get a childish feeling as I walk in to CAN.

-I have always been inspired by children, says Stine. I like their uncontrolled way of drawing, children have something special that we eventually loose in our drawing when we grow up.

The book about the magic cat has actually been in Stine’s imagination since she was three years old and started to draw the cat’s big circly eyes.
Stine and Martin have been together for about 15 years. Imagine, living, sleeping, raising kids and working together every day. Stine and Martin are one of very few couples who actually can work professionally with their partner.
-It’s so much fun. You never have to make a decision on your own, you can always rely on the other person. Martin is really good to come with impulses. So it’s really cool to always have each other as a partner. Sometimes it can be a little difficult because you are always working. Sometimes when we come home we keep talking about work. That can be stressful both economically and because you can always blame the other person for not finishing something, says Stine.
Martin tells me that it’s easier to work with Stine than other people because they know each other better than any other person.

-You can allow yourself to be more critical, because we both know that we really love each other’s work.

Sometimes people ask Stine and Martin if they are getting a divorce, when they are really just discussing the color of the new festival poster they are making.

Although Martin and Stine can be a bit hard on eachother, the love they have in their family shines threw their work.

-We call ourselves “the can family”, because we have the whole package. Two children, the cat and us. It’s kinda different. 
FOTO: MARTE CELINA-You can what you want!

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