Sara Sachs is the name behind Moon Spoon Saloon – A clothing line and a concept that pushes the lines between art and fashion.


Sara’s early experiences within fashion came from a mix between an art school in Barcelona, Skt. Martins in London and the Royal Danish School of Design. She was never really able to settle down with the conformities of school, and kept working on different things on the side. After working for Miss Sixty for two years, getting plenty of ‘hands on’ experience, but with no sentimental value attached to the work, she was head hunted to Italy, but soon got tired of working for other people.

Sara’s actual expression came into shape around 2008, when she worked with designer Tal R, making costumes for one of his performances. They created a clothing concept build from the idea of 99 different characters. Sara expresses that the characters were created as if part of a movie or a great theatrical show with very dramatic personalities. One of the characters named ‘The Bride’, is part of the current exhibition in her store, and comes in different shapes and outlines. Sara ended up making 10 different collections of costumes for the Royal Theater of Copenhagen, and is now closing the concept of the 99 characters and moving her business to LA. The new concept for LA is still a bit secret, but she tells us it’s the best of all her former work, melted down to the essence, and is also based on the demand of  her costumers.

One of the values in Sara’s work that makes an impression is the personal attachment and touch on every single piece of clothing in her range. She has wanted to express another ideal than growth and expansion, and instead focus on the ‘magic’ and the credibility associated with true craftsmanship.


When we visited Sara in her store in Copenhagen, we were lucky to get a tour of her storage downstairs. It was like walking in to a dream filled with colors and people you had never met. It was an impressive mix of leather, fur, knit work and different kinds of patch work, used in shows, exhibitions and photo shoots all over the world.

Sara’s first dress was sold to Icelandic singer and performer Björk and not long ago Prince performed in a suit from Moon Spoon Saloon, at a show where no one was allowed to photograph the performance. Still a picture of Prince in the suit somehow found its way to Moon Spoon Saloon’s Facebook page. I wonder who’s next on the world stage to perform in one of Sara’s magnificent designs, and if it even gets better than Prince?



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